There are a lot of things in this world that are Unforgivable.

This could go a lot of directions.

In the meantime:

Credit card interest rates are unforgivable.  Politicians and banking executives who lifted interest rate caps, and allowed exorbitant over limit fees and late fees, plus usury interest rates of 20%, 29% and even more, at a time when prime interest rates are at a nominal level, are nothing short of criminal.  Combined lack of wisdom and restraint, driven by greed, have created a nightmare that has siphoned off billions of dollars a year from the pool of funds available in the marketplace, and in homes and businesses across the US and in many other countries.  Credit card companies and politicians are equally culpable for this credit card usury, and it is simply unforgivable.

What can you do about it?

  1. Write to the bank CEO and/or board and tell them how you feel about it, and the impact it is having on you and people around you.
  2. Write to your representatives and tell them how you feel that credit card interest rates are usury and unforgivable.
  3. Switch your balances to a new credit card with zero percent APR. 
  4. Block inquiries to your credit report, and all unsolicited prequalified offers for credit cards.

Take back control!  Put pressure on for banks to do the right thing, by choosing better alternatives!

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